Meet Some of the Kids

Here is a chance for you to meet the kids of our orphanage. We will update this page regularly so you can see as many of their smiling faces as possible!



Mélano is a 10 year old boy living in the orphanage. He was brought to us by the Haitian police representatives. He was a desperate child and used to live in the streets prior to his meeting with the Haitian welfare agents.  He now has access to the basic necessities and has a bright future ahead of him. 



Clifford is 15 years old. His mother died while he was a little boy. Clifford’s father was so poor that he was not able to provide for his needs. In order for Clifford to survive himself, he had to flee to the Dominican Republic. Since he is under 18, he was not permitted to work there. While playing at a national park, Clifford was arrested and deported by the Dominican Republic Immigration. He then was brought to our orphanage by the Haitian government. Clifford knows neither how to write nor read.  He will attend school for the first time this fall.



Ramson is a 15 year old young man. His mother passed away during his early life. Ramson was raised by his unschooled grandmother. Because of a lack of prompting and support, Ramson had to repeat classes for two years. He experienced hunger and financial obstacles.  As he grew up, Ramson became convinced that education is important to him and is the only way to be successful. However, he would not be able to fulfill that goal without support. Since his grandmother’s resources were limited, he had to go to the social welfare office to ask for support. So, this is how he was brought to our orphanage. Ramson is in sixth grade now and is doing well at school. His desire is to become an Agriculturist specialist. 


Taina (Claire-Rose)

Claire-Rose is 10 years old. Her father passed away while she was a baby, and she is missing her father’s love. Her mother sells bread to survive, but this is not sufficient to provide for her children including Claire-Rose. Claire-Rose was given away to her aunt in order to go to school. However, she was assigned to carry water for the whole family although she was the youngest in the house. She was given so many responsibilities that she did not have enough time to do her school assignments. As a result, she had to repeat classes. When she failed to behave, she was whipped. Her body still retains the scars of her mistreatment. She is fortunate to be brought to the orphanage, and this is the best place she has ever lived. She gets along with the other children quickly. She is happier and does better at school now.