Children of Tomorrow

Serving Haiti's Poorest Children 


Children of Tomorrow is made up of a group of Americans, mostly in Virginia, who work to support the work of a Haitian man named Jérémie Mercier. Members of Children of Tomorrow met Jérémie during various service and mission trips to Haiti and were so moved by his work that they formed an organization to support him. 

 Up until 2010, Jérémie was employed by the United Nations as a communications officer. However, after witnessing the fatal earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, Jérémie felt compelled to reconsider his vocation. He started out with only three children in his care, but that number has consistently increased to over 60 children, whom he now cares for at an orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. 

Children of Tomorrow is the kindling that will start the fire which will shape the future of Haiti.
— Jérémie Mercier

Jérémie recognizes that the only way to truly create a better future for Haiti is to provide tomorrow's generation with love, basic needs, an education, and a relationship with God. Therefore, in addition to running the orphanage in Hinche, Jérémie is now in the process of building schools in three of Haiti's most underserved villages.

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Until recently, Jérémie was financially sustained by a single benefactor, David Bergman, of the Living Waters Trinity Foundation. However, because of the needs of serving 300+ children (the combined number of children in the schools and orphanage), and Jérémie's vision of a sustainable future for the children of Haiti, members of Children of Tomorrow came together to cast a wider net of supporters and donors.

Jérémie, left, accompanies one of the orphanage's young men in Hinche.

Jérémie, left, accompanies one of the orphanage's young men in Hinche.

Our Mission

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and is filled with children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in near hopeless situations. Our goal is to provide these children with the tools they need to escape poverty - love, basic needs, education and a relationship with God - so that in time they will shape a more positive future for Haiti. 

God’s timing is always perfect.
— Jérémie Mercier

Our Goals

01.basic needs

To provide these children with the most basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.

02. education

We support building schools, forming teachers and providing educational resources.

03. centered on god

The children are taught to know, love, and serve God and one another.


We guarantee all donated time, talent, and treasure directly benefits the children.


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